Assessment is the process of making a judgement about a student’s performance against established criteria such as learning objectives or professional standards. The assessment of student performance takes place during midwifery placements and involves the learner, the assessor and the university. AMSAT 2019 has been developed against the Australian Midwife Standards for Practice 2018.

There are three tools that make up AMSAT

  1. Scoring sheet
  2. AMSAT feedback sheet
  3. Behavioural cue examples

These assessment tools are free to use.

The front page of AMSAT – the scoring sheet – is the validated component and should not be altered. The back page of AMSAT, which has feedback boxes and additional information, can be modified to suit local needs. A number of variations are provided. If you modify the back page and wish to share your version, please send to Prof Linda Sweet. An electronic medium for inputting the data has been developed, please contact L Sweet for further information.

The performance scoring sheet records the assessors’ rating of 25 items across the 7 domains. AMSAT items are assessed based on performance of observable behaviours.

The feedback sheet records assessor feedback for student learning. This is based on Pendleton’s rules for effective feedback. Variations including student self-assessment are also included. This can be modified to suit local need.

The behavioural cues are a non-exhaustive set of examples of behaviours organised by domains. The behavioural cues are provided to accompany the midwifery performance scoring sheet to illustrate desired behaviours.


Download the free assessment tools here.


Linda Sweet